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  Our coaches come from a strong belief that clients are whole and capable.  We view our roles as supporting you to create a powerful vision for what you want, challenging your limiting behaviors and belief systems, and championing you toward positive change.

Many people spend so much energy holding space for people around us and we don’t have someone doing the same for us.  Enter, a coach.  Coaching is a goal-based partnership focused on the question: in what areas of your work and life would you like different results?  A coach is not an expert, a consultant, or a therapist.  A coach is not trying to “fix” you because you don’t need to be fixed. 


  • We believe in the power of questions to provoke insight.

  • We believe that our potential in life = performance – interference.

  • We believe that the interference is almost always in our own head.

  • We believe in transformation over quick fixes.

  • We believe that it is impossible to leave work at work and home at home.

  • We believe in authenticity and vulnerability.

  • We believe that who you are is how you lead.

Is Coaching right for you?

Here is a summary of what our coaching process follows. If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

Coffee on Desk


Fit Call

We will set up a free, 30-minute fit call between you and a coach to get to know each other and determine whether coaching (and the coach) is right for you. 



We will work with you to determine the package that is right for you. Most clients start with 6 months with meetings twice a month!



If you are interested in using feedback from colleagues as a baseline, we can collect qualitative, interview-based or quantitative, survey-based feedback from colleagues.  Your coach can help you determine what makes the most sense for you.


Goal Planning

The first session or two will be geared toward honing overarching goals you would like to achieve in coaching.It’s OK if you don’t know exactly what they are when you begin—that’s what we’re here to help you figure out.One of the most focal questions we face is what do you want?


Regular Meetings

Much of our work occurs via video, though you may choose to meet in person.You can expect hour-long meetings approximately every two weeks, but the specifics are up to you.Each session is driven by you and allows time to check in on your overarching goals and also just-in-time issues.Sessions end with “homework” that may include reading, watching videos, reflection, or other activities.These activities are co-designed with your coach.

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