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Development Corps is a group of executive coaches, facilitators, trainers, and consultants ready to help clients live bigger versions of their lives.  Whether that means getting unstuck at work or becoming a stronger leader, we are ready to create positive shifts.  

Are you?

Kate Gigax


Quote of the day


"Coaching isn't therapy. It's product development, with you as the product." 

- Fast Company -

For Individuals


Coaching accelerates change and growth.  Clients can expect to set meaningful goals, establish a strategy for achieving the goals, and design actions to create positive momentum. Simple, but not easy, coaching is not for people who want to remain comfortably static.

For Organizations

Design, Assessment & Facilitation

Facilitators who breathe new life into your team or event.  With an appreciation that each engagement is unique, we promote a growth mindset and create positive momentum from what everybody brings to the table.

For Coaches

Coach Development & Supervision

Support to analyze, confront, and solve your toughest challenges. Our consultants come from top tier firms and prefer to work in the agile, client-focused environment of a small environment.

Client Testimonials

Upon first introduction to Kate, one is struck by her poise, her confidence and her intellect.  But to leave it at that is to miss what makes Kate special.  What truly defines Kate is her one-on-one coaching.  In these sessions Kate can be understanding but will challenge you.  She is an active listener but is assertive when she needs to be.  Kate led me through a journey that has unlocked potential I didn’t know I had.  I am truly and indebted to Kate for the success I have experienced under her coaching."

Director,  Financial Services

Through Kate’s coaching, I was able to define the life I wanted and unapologetically curate it! Professionally and personally, Kate pushed me to reflect on what mattered most and how might I make immediate changes to support honoring those realizations. I broke the rules!  (She told me I could!) The results were greater fulfillment from doing more impactful work while putting health first. Life has never felt this good and I’ll forever be grateful to Kate for this transformation."

Meredith Milks

Sr. Manager, Revenue Operations | Adobe

Working with Kate has been life changing for me. She built a foundation of trust from the onset which led me to experience a deep transformation both at work and in my home life.”

Tina Slattery

Head of Talent Acquisition, Brand and Experience | Panasonic


Should we connect?  The first step is a 30 minute phone call to get to know each other to assess the perfect fit.  Let's do it.

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