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Carrie Czajka


As a certified leadership coach and seasoned facilitator, Carrie Czajka is in the business of creating hope and possibility … via practical steps, a collaborative spirit and genuine concern for the success and well-being of her clients. With over twenty years in the healthcare industry and having led professional development initiatives within a law firm, she brings extensive knowledge, uncompromising integrity, compassion, and good humor to her work. She is committed to helping people explore and apply their


strengths, passions and core values to achieve success, in work and life.


In her role as a leadership coach, Carrie supports people in all phases of their careers and professional development. She has a soft spot for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs and enjoys co-creating a plan of action to prepare for whatever comes next in their leadership development. She delights in guiding clients on the journey from where they are to where they aim to be.


As a facilitator, Carrie’s primary goal is to make working together easier. She partners with clients to achieve desired outcomes by designing workshops that invite others to share their expertise and insights generously. Irrespective of the size or purpose of the event, Carrie focuses on leveraging the wisdom in the room and aligning the work with the mission and vision of the organization.


Carrie’s coaching and facilitation experience extends across industries, including Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, small businesses, faith-based organizations, and start-up entities. Regardless of the industry and whether she is coaching or facilitating, Carrie partners with individuals, teams, and stakeholders to create a common and compelling vision, solve complex problems, and foster healthy, collaborative relationships that allow people to thrive, both personally and professionally.


Carrie earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan, a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Carolina, and a Master of Arts in Health Care Mission Leadership from Loyola University Chicago. Additionally, she completed programs in Leadership Coaching and Facilitation at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, is certified in Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching® method (for both individuals and teams), and is a credentialed Myers Briggs (MBTI®) practitioner.

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